Historic Memorials restored & some unexpected results.

In the beginning we could see nothing, nothing except trees, bushes, brambles – oh brambles ! the sheer size of them ! and overgrowth seven feet tall. No memorial was visible. Indeed we did not know what if any memorial existed beyond the “dense jungle” that lay in front of us, the size of Cardiff Principality stadium rugby pitch…..but five years on we are nearing our goal of completing the restoration programme, thereby finally bringing peace and respect to the souls of those departed and of the descendants that now visit their ancestors last resting place. The following photographs lay testament to the remarkable transformation of what was an abandoned town centre cemetery to what is now a place enjoyed by many. The sheer volume of photographs are too many themselves to include here but I hope that the ones I have selected will show some of  what we have achieved in that time. Work carried out with great care, respect, and attention to detail.

In the beginning – before and after !


In the beginning.
As it is now, and ever shall be !








The half ton Marble Memorial to the HARRIES family, was for over 50 years broken in two, lying face down inside a stone kerb….not any more !

The wonderful and intricate floral engraving on the shoulder of the memorial














A small but important piece of restoration of a slate headstone cut in half.





Another small but important restoration.






The magnificent limestone memorial to Company Sergeant Major Morgan -the longest serving soldier in the United Kingdom -over 56 years continuously.

In the beginning


The magnificent memorial in all its glory









The restoration of the huge marble memorial to the founder of St David’s Church and Christchurch – The Venerable David Archard Williams

Completely covered in ivy
The completed restoration
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