Repairs to the Grade II stone boundary wall


The historic grade 2 listed stone boundary walling to the north and east of the cemetery was originally built in the 1830’s.

The wall before ivy removal

It is a substantial structure (totaling over  200 metres in length) made of random rubble limestone two feet thick and upwards of eight feet high on the road side. The top is capped with a concrete coping of various cross section shapes. This boundary wall is for the charity to maintain.
Most of the wall was covered in very heavy ivy growth, some climbers as thick as your arm. It was unknown at the outset what sort of condition the wall was in therefore it was decided that removal of the ivy was one of the first tasks in order to inspect the wall.

the wall after removal of ivy and repair

Eventually most of the ivy was removed and a structural inspection revealed it to be in good condition generally. However a 30metre length of coping was missing from the top of the St Non’s Avenue wall along with missing and loose stones. The Trustees agreed to undertake work to replace the coping in order to protect the top of the wall from further weather damage and the subsequent major cost to repair.

missing section of the wall before restoration

Tenders were invited and local contractor SI Evans (Dean Richards) was appointed to undertake the repairs and re-forming the missing coping. Works commenced in September 2018 and the final cost to the charity was £5784.

after initial repair

Grant money was used to fund this work from the Pilgrim Trust and the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation.
The two men working for SI Evans, Richard and Anthony who carried out the repairs should be commended for their workmanship and cleaning up afterwards. Further repair and restoration is needed on other sections of the wall where pointing is required and this will be carried out this year

the restored section of the wall with new coping
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