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This database contains information originally compiled in 1977 prior to the removal and relocation of many of the memorials to the perimeter/boundary wall. Before the memorials relocation, a detailed map was drawn up indicating their actual location (and therefore the grave space) and this map will be made available online in due course. Since 1977 many of the memorials have suffered damage and may not be as described in the database. During the continuing restoration phase a number of memorials not recorded in 1977 have come to light due to the fact they were buried beneath the surface. These memorial inscriptions are now being added to the database and the position of the found memorial plotted on the “memorial map” to indicate the approximate location of their last resting place.


2RowlandsWilliam JohnNovember 24th 1967Short Marble Stone

Dec 18th 1872
White Stone
3GriffithsWilliam Thomasno dateWhite Stone
3GriffithsFlorenceApril 18th 1887White Stone
3GriffithsWillie ThomasAug 1st 1903White Stone
3GriffithsJamesFeb 3rd 1927White Stone
3GriffithsSarahSept 29th 1927White Stone
20RichardsElizabethMay 12th 1920Kerb covered with brown tiles
4DaviesCyril NormanDec 19th 1893White Cross
6JonesSamuelFeb 14th 1889Slate Stone
6JonesAnnApril 24th 1880Slate Stone
8FrancisHannahFeb 13th 1917Stone & Kerb
8ReesBenjamin DavidDec 26th 1949Stone & Kerb
12ThomasWilliamOct 22nd 1921Stone Kerb. White spar filling.
12ThomasEthelJan 28th 1924Stone Kerb. White Spar filling.
12ThomasNancyMay 15th 1937Stone Kerb. White Spar filling.
14DanielRachelFeb 14th 1914Slate Stone
14HallJackFeb 16th 1916Slate Stone
14ThomasDavidSept 9th 1923Slate Stone
15PritchardMorganDec 7th 1946Grey stone kerb, white spar filling.
15PritchardMarthaMay 12th 1944Grey stone kerb, white spar filling.
15PritchardEdnano infoGrey stone kerb, white spar filling.
16MitchellWalter ClarenceJan 21st 1915Slate stone & kerb, white spar filling
16MitchellMarthaDec 5th 1942Slate stone & kerb, white spar filling
16MitchellAaronJan 17th 1951Slate stone & kerb, white spar filling
17IsaacJohnSept 15th 1918Black stone & kerb with low railings
17IsaacMargaretJan 18th 1942Black stone & kerb with low railings
18DanielWilliamno infolow pink stone with kerb
18DanielElizabethno infolow pink stone with kerb
23EvansDavidSept 25th 1919Stone cross & kerb
23EvansJesseApril 18th 1920Stone cross & kerb
25MorganHarriette AnnJuly 21st 1882Ornate stone, low railings
25MorganThomas CharlesFeb 28th 1888Ornate stone, low railings
25MorganAnneOctober 12th 1935Ornate stone, low railings
26EvansWilliamAugust 19th 1893Grey stone
26EvansMaryAugust 17th 1896Grey Stone
26EvansElizabethDec 14th 1883Grey stone
28GriffithsHenryMarch 19th 1884Grey stone with slate kerb
28GriffithsElizaJan 25th 1895Grey stone with slate kerb
28GriffithsSarah AnnApril 18th 1882Grey stone with slate kerb
29JonesW.D (Bill)Feb 28th 1972Low slate stone
30ThomasWilliamApril 26th 1886Slate stone
30ThomasElizabethMay16th 1907Slate stone
31EvansR.AAugust 6th 1919CWGC White stone
32JonesCharlotte AnnMarch 16th 1884Tall grey stone
32JonesMary AnnJune 3rd 1917Tall grey stone
32JonesSydney AugustusJan 19th 1952Tall grey stone
32JonesMargarettaJune 24th 1964Tall grey stone
33ClarkeWilliamOctober 3rd 1886Slate with stone kerb
33ClarkeThomas GeorgeMarch 10th 1892Slate with stone kerb
33ClarkeMargaretJan 9th 1908Slate with stone kerb
33ClarkeJamesMarch 10th 1936Slate with stone kerb
34ThomasMaryFeb 2nd 1887Tall slate
34ThomasThomasJuly 5th 1898Tall Slate
35ThomasThomasFeb 2nd 1888Broken stone
36EvansElizabethJune 9th 1893Tall grey stone with kerb
36EvansEdgarFeb 1st 1884Tall grey stone with kerb
36EvansCharles GwynneJuly 4th 1885Tall grey stone with kerb
36EvansHannah Margaret VictoriaJuly 28th 1887Tall grey stone with kerb
36EvansJohn. DMarch 31st 1934Tall grey stone with kerb
37ReesDavidDec 29th 1874Vey low slate
37ReesJaneApril 17th 1878Vey low slate
38LewisPhillipFeb 17th 1875Tall slate with stone kerb
38BowenElizabethApril 24th 1886Tall slate with stone kerb
38LewisMargaretFeb 3rd 1904Tall slate with stone kerb
38LewisJamesSept 18th 1923Tall slate with stone kerb
40ThomasDavid JohnJune 27th 1880Tall grey stone
40ThomasJohnApril 5th 1920Tall grey stone
40ThomasAnnApril 18th 1926Tall grey stone
41RogersMary EstherDec 20th 1884Grey stone & kerb
41RogersWilliamApril 3rd 1905Grey stone & kerb
41RogersMarthaJuly 3rd 1912Grey stone & kerb
42ThomasElizaNov 14th 1929Slate stone & stone kerb
42ThomasMaryApril 17th 1907Slate stone & stone kerb
42ThomasEdwinDec 23rd 1947Slate stone & stone kerb2 Union Street
43WilliamsGeorge ThomasSept 18th 1902Low grey stone with kerbRoyal Exchange
43WilliamsGeorge DavidJan 27th 1879Low grey stone with kerbRoyal Exchange
43WilliamsWilliamFeb 16th 1915Low grey stone with kerbRoyal Exchange
43WilliamsAnnMarch 27th 1921Low grey stone with kerbRoyal Exchange
44MorganWilliamFeb 8th 1897Tall grey stone with kerb15 Picton Place
46ThomasLetitiaFeb 13th 1927Tall slate, concrete kerbMyrddin House, Parcmaen St
46ThomasDavidDec 5th 1933Tall slate, concrete kerbMyrddin House, Parcmaen St
47Initials onlyC.H, A.A, M.E.A.1889Very small stone & small kerb
48WoozleyHarrietJan 24th 1875Tall sandstone
48LewisJamesMay 17th 1875Tall sandstone
48LewisLizMay 12th 1886Tall sandstone
50TaylorJohnJune 16th 1871Low grey stoneDraperLlanelly
51LewisGeorgeDec 24th 1872Pointed grey stoneCattle dealerBarn Row
51LewisPhillip RichardOct 29th 1870Pointed grey stone
51LewisJohn RJuly 18th 1887Pointed grey stone
51LewisDavidFeb 6th 1894Pointed grey stone
52JonesCaptain W JonesAug 6th 1901Polished crossMaster Mariner
52JonesJohn DavidMarch 29th 1874Polished cross
52JonesFrances AliciaSept 28th 1875Polished cross
52JonesAnneApril 12th 1884Polished cross
52JonesMary JaneJan 24th 1923Polished cross
53JenkinsMargaretOct 27th 1915Polished black marble & concrete kerb
53JenkinsWilliamJune 30th 1933Polished black marble & concrete kerbCoal MerchantWater Street
54NicholasHenrySept 17th 1869Tall grey stone with kerb
54NicholasAnnOct 29th 1871Tall grey stone with kerb
54NicholasJohnApril 5th 1874Tall grey stone with kerb
54NicholasHannahJuly 5th 1895Tall grey stone with kerb
56DaviesWilliamJune 16th 1876Taylor
56DaviesGeorgeJan 28th 1876
56DaviesMargaretFeb 17th 1910Tall grey stone
57Initials onlyW.J1886Very small stone & concrete kerb
57JonesRachelno dateVery small stone & concrete kerb
57JonesWallyno dateVery small stone & concrete kerb
57JonesDavidno dateVery small stone & concrete kerb2 Nott Square
58LewisMaryMarch 17th 1905Tall slate with slate kerb21 Orchard Street
58LewisDanielJuly 31st 1874Tall slate with slate kerb21 Orchard Street
58LewisHenryDec 5th 1903Tall slate with slate kerb21 Orchard Street
58LewisMary AnnMay 22nd 1953Tall slate with slate kerb21 Orchard Street
60EvansHannahDec 17th 1889Tall sandstoneWellfield Road
60EvansMargaretJuly 24th 1878Tall sandstone
60LewisRachelJan 19th 1892Tall sandstoneGowerton
61ThomasMaryJuly 6th 1877Short slate stoneRoyal Oak Inn
61ThomasJohnJan 30th 1893Short slate stoneCarpenter
62DaviesAnneAug 8th 1884Short grey stoneCatherine Street
63No Name..inscribed "To Dear Mother"Concrete kerb with small cross
64RichardsWilliamSept 22nd 1876White Stone Cross with kerbSolicitor
64RichardsMary AnneMarch 7th 1930White Stone Cross with kerb
64RichardsJane LucyMarch 13th 1945White Stone Cross with kerb
65LewisHannahNov 7th 1882Tall white stone
65LewisDavidMay 1st 1883Tall white stoneMaltster College Row
65EdwardsHannahFeb 8th 1915Tall white stone
65EdwardsElizaMay 16th 1889Tall white stone
65EdwardsSarah JaneDec 17th 1900Tall white stone
66ThomasMargaretOct 6th 1876Tall white stone
66DaviesHarrietJune 25th 1895Tall white stone
66ThomasBenjaminOct 23rd 1911Tall white stoneAttendant at JC Asylum
69DaviesGeorgeMay 20th 1878Tall grey stoneSquare & Compass
69DaviesMargaretJuly 15th 1876Tall grey stone
69DaviesMaryNov 12th 1885Tall grey stone
69DaviesJamesNov 15th 1916Tall grey stone
71LewisEvanMarch 26th 1880Medium height grey stoneButcher of Johnstown
71DixonMargaretNov 17th 1882Medium height grey stone
71DixonWilliamMay 11th 1884Medium height grey stone
71LewisMaryAugust 22nd 1885Medium height grey stone
72ThomasSarahApril 11th 1880Tall slate stone
73OliveMaryMay 18th 1875Tall slate stone
73OliveJeremiahFeb 11th 1880Tall slate stone
74Frances ReeceAnneSept 24th 1857Short slate
77ThomasMary AnneDec 13th 1843Tall concrete headstone
77ThomasDavidMay 18th 1846Tall concrete headstone
77ThomasDavidNov 17th 1851Tall concrete headstone
77ThomasElizabethAugust 23rd 1852Tall concrete headstone
78ReesJohn1853Tall slate coffin shaped concrete cover to graveKnights Buildings Carmarthen
78ReesJohnMay 24th 1871Tall slate coffin shaped concrete cover to grave
78ReesMaryOct 21st 1882Tall slate coffin shaped concrete cover to grave
78ReesThomasJune 18th 1886Tall slate coffin shaped concrete cover to grave
79MorrisTheodosiaJune 2nd 1862Slate medium heightMydrim
79ThomasWilliamOct 18th 1887Slate medium heightLove Lane Quay
79ThomasJaneJuly 14th 1876Slate medium height
80BowenDavidMarch 22nd 1871Tall slate
80BowenHopkinApril 28th 1872Tall slate
80BowenElizabethOct 23rd 1891Tall slate
80BowenSarahFeb 3rd 1920Tall slate
81LewisEllenJan 8th 1893Slate medium height
81DaviesElizabethApril 4th 1956Slate medium height
84HughesMary AnnApril 4th 1873Short slate
84HughesDavid WalterOct 4th 1873Short slate
84HughesGeorge JohnAug 22nd 1882Short slate
84HughesCharlesDec 8th 1889Short slate
85ThomasDavidAug 26th 1871Tall slateOld Chapel Yard
85ThomasWilliamAug 9th 1881Tall slate
85ThomasMargaretMay 25th 1894Tall slate
86DaviesDavidMarch 4th 1875Short slate WeaverPriory Street
89MorrisRichardAug 26th 1869Tall slateOstler
89MorrisRichardMay 1st 1901Tall slate
89MorrisJaneFeb 17th 1919Tall slate
91DaviesMaryJune 10th 1855Short slate Priory Street
93HowellAnnJuly 7th 1863Short slate
93HowellJohnDec 26th 1863Short slate GloverPriory Street
93GriffithsRachelJune 5th 1870Short slate
94ThomasThomasAug 10th 1858Short stone
101JonesWilliamJan 21st 1870White CrossCurrier
101JonesHenryJuly 21st 1968White Cross
101JonesJohnSept 2nd 1881White Cross
103JonesJonahApril 5th 1870Tall slatePriory Street
103RichardsDavidJuly 21st 1871Tall slate
103JonesWilliamSept 2nd 1881Tall slate
105JonesJohnMarch 6th 1871Short sandstone
105JonesEbenezerApril 1st 1870Short sandstone
105JonesMaryMarch 4th 1887Short sandstoneBlue street
106SheperdsonMary AnnApril 12th 1870Tall white stoneGloucester
106SheperdsonIssacJan 6th 1879Tall white stone
108DaviesHarrietOct 1st 1869Slate medium height
108DaviesRichardOct 25th 1869Slate medium height
108DaviesGeorge HenryMay 19th 1870Slate medium height
110ThomasHenryJan 13th 1870Tall slate
112WatersElizabethNov 24th 1868Short sandstonePicton Terrace
113NJVery short slate
113NMVery short slate
113NAVery short slate
114ThomasThomasNov 7th 1876Tall slatePriory Street
114ThomasDavidFeb 12th 1899Tall slate
114ThomasElizaOct 11th 1906Tall slate
114ThomasEdwardOct 25th 1924Tall slate
115DaviesWilliam GeorgeFeb 5th 1893White Cross
115DaviesNellieMarch 13th 1892White Cross
115DaviesFrancesMay 6th 1901White Cross
115DaviesDavidFeb 23rd 1918White CrossMarble Mason
116DW GVery low slate
116DEVery low slate
116DFVery low slate
117DDVery low slate
117DCVery low slate
118BassLeah RebeccaFeb 28th 1889White Cross
119CairnsRichardFeb 18th 1902Pink stone cross
119CairnsElizabethNov 23rd 1917Pink stone cross
119CairnsRichardApril 20th 1891Pink stone cross
120SamuelSgt.JohnOct 16th 1874Tall slate1st Batt1st Royal Regiment of Foot (Llangunnor)
121HarriesElizabethNov 5th 1875Tall grey stone
121HarriesCharlesJune 25th 1876Tall grey stone
121HarriesCharlesMay 8th 1890Tall grey stoneMaster Mariner
122MeyrickJohnOct 6th 1876Tall white stonePlumberWater Street
122MeyrickMary ElizabethMay 17th 1876Tall white stone
122AnnMargaretFeb 18th 1881Tall white stone
122MeyrickElizabethAug 10th 1923Tall white stone
123JonesThomasApril 28th 1883Grey stone coffin shaped coverWater Street
123JonesMaryNov 15th 1903Grey stone coffin shaped cover
124WilliamsJohnApril 7th 1878Tall grey stoneCoach builderLammas Street
124WilliamsMary AnnSept 20th 1883Tall grey stone
125StephensMargaretJune 22nd 1878Tall grey stoneWater Street
125StephensJamesFeb 6th 1891Tall grey stone
125StephensJohnApril 5th 1899Tall grey stone
125MeyrickJohnMay 31st 1948Tall grey stone
127ScourfieldMaryOct 12th 1914Ornate white stone railings
127ScourfieldThomasJuly 24th 1922Ornate white stone railings
128DaviesSusanOct 9th 1867Tall white stone
128DaviesEmma SusanMay 4th 1868Tall white stone
128DaviesAlfredAug 19th 1883Tall white stoneTailorNott Square
130ThomasMarlaDec 27th 1867Grey stone medium height
131BowenGeorgeFeb 24th 1884White Cross
131BowenMaryMarch 21st 1906White Cross
132PooleWilliamSept 11th 1867Grey stone
133EvansRees EdwardMay 29th 1866Ornate grey stone railingGuildhall Square
138ReesEleanorSept 3rd 1963Short polished black marble
138ReesTom MorganApril 7th 1964Short polished black marble
139WardleSgt, JamesNov 30th 1896Tall grey stone
140JonesMaryMarch 4th 1875Tall slateWaundew
140JonesAnnaApril 15th 1857Tall slate
140JonesThomasFeb 24th 1892Tall slate
141JonesJohnAug 21st 1880Tall grey stoneWaundew
141ThomasDavidNov 23rd 1885Tall grey stone
141JonesJohnFeb 8th 1867Tall grey stone
141JonesMargaretMarch 3rd 1916Tall grey stone
142WardleJohn HenryMay 15th 1901Stone tapering to crossPlumber
142DaviesPhoebeNov 9th 1916Stone tapering to cross
148JA MVery short head & foot stones
154DaviesJamesMay 10th 1903Slate medium height
154DaviesMaryOct 9th 1915Slate medium height
155ThomasThomas EdwardJune 12th 1842Slate medium height
155ThomasEliza AnnMarch 19th 1867Slate medium height
155ThomasEliza AnnMarch 19th 1903Slate medium height
155ThomasCharlotte StedmanAug 9th 1904Slate medium height
158NottGeorgeApril 9th 1866Slate medium heightForeman at Messrs Phillips & Lewis, Timber MerchantsHerefordshire
159EvansBenjaminMay 30th 1876Tall white stoneWaterloo Terrace
159EvansDinahMay 25th 1865Tall white stone
159EvansElizabethJuly 14th 1880Tall white stone
160DuckfieldMarthaMarch 5th 1873Tall slate
160DuckfieldEliga JaneMay 19th 1873Tall slate
160DuckfieldGeroge HenryOct 15th 1865Tall slate
161 EvansCharlotteMarch 21st 1890Tall slateMorley Street
161 EvansJonesRev, ThomasApril 13th 1903Tall slateTemple Gardens
161 EvansLewisElizabethMarch 5th 1917Tall slate
162GriffithsSarahJune 12th 1909Tall polished stoneLammas Street
162GriffithsGeorgeJuly 28th 1909Tall polished stone
162GriffithsDavidJan 289th 1917Tall polished stone
162GriffithsHenryMarch 5th 1917Tall polished stone
163LewisThomasNov 25th 1860Collapsed box tomb stone & slateGreen Hill
163LewisAnneDec 18th 1868Collapsed box tomb stone & slate
163LewisDavidMay 12th 1889Collapsed box tomb stone & slate
163LewisHarrietJune 8th 1902Collapsed box tomb stone & slate
164BaldwinWilliam ThomasJune 24th 1871Grey stone with cross shaped concrete slabPlumberChapel Street
165DaviesElisaDec 26th 1908Tall polished cone on concrete slab
165DavidJamesApril 8th 1877Tall polished cone on concrete slab
165DaviesWilliamAug 14th 1912Tall polished cone on concrete slabSculptor
166DTVery small slate
166DEVery small slate
166DTVery small slate
167WilliamsCharlotte EmilyJan 3rd 1908White cross concrete keb
167WilliamsEvelyn LilianJan 30th 1946
168MorganJohnMay 29th 1889Tall white stone with kerbBlue street
168MorganAnneFeb 12th 1892Tall white stone with kerb
169ThomasJohnMay 25th 1888Tall grey stoneLammas Street
169ThomasElizaSept 2nd 1907Tall grey stone
169ThomasHettieFeb 8th 1925Tall grey stone
169ThomasArthurDec 31st 1928Tall grey stone
169ThomasTomMarch 23rd 1941Tall grey stone
169ThomasJennyFeb 19th 1965Tall grey stone
171ScourfieldHenryMarch 3rd 1874Tall slate
171EvansJohnJan 20th 1881Tall slate
171ScourfieldSarahNov 18th 1890Tall slate
174JonesJohn IssacFeb 16th 1872Tall white stone with kerb
174LewisMary ElizabethApril 22nd 1915Tall white stone with kerb
174JonesMariaMarch 1st 1916Tall white stone with kerb
174JonesJohnNov 13th 1917Tall white stone with kerb
175JonesMargarettaJune 8th 1855Stone box tomb
175JonesMorganDec 20th 1860Stone box tomb
176DaviesMargaretMay 11th 1855Short slate
177DaviesSarah AnneAug 22nd 1852Slate medium height
177DaviesSarahDec 18th 1869Slate medium height
177DaviesJohnNov 11th 1886Slate medium heightPainter
178DaviesMaryOct 31st 1893Polished brown stone & kerbTawelan
178DaviesJaneSept 2nd 1897Polished brown stone & kerb
178DaviesRev, WilliamNov 26th 1909Polished brown stone & kerb
180PhillipsEleanorJan 25th 1853Short grey stone
180PhillipsHowellAug 4th 1861Short grey stone
180PhillipsJaneFeb 22nd 1863Short grey stone
182JonesMargaretta AnneJuly 3rd 1853Stone box tomb
182JonesMaryFeb 16th 1875Stone box tomb
183VaughanWilliamNov 28th 1853Slate box tombCabinet MakerSpilman Street
183VaughanSarahDec 10th 1866Slate box tomb
183VaughanEvanJune 7th 1887Slate box tomb
183VaughanEvanApril 17th 1891Slate box tomb
187BrodribbJoseph ParkMarch 27th 1875Tall white stone
187BrodribbSarahNov 18th 1852Tall white stone
187BrodribbJoseph ParkFeb 21st 1869Tall white stone
188JonesHenrySept 13th 1854Short grey stone (fallen)
190EdwardsDavidFeb 4th 1858Slate box tomb & low railings
190EdwardsHannahMay 3rd 1858Slate box tomb & low railings
190WilliamsElizaSlate box tomb & low railingsTylorstown
190EdwardsMargaretSept 1st 1861Slate box tomb & low railings
190EdwardsWilliamAug 25th 1867Slate box tomb & low railings
190EdwardsJaneAug 16th 1878Slate box tomb & low railings
191PhillipsWilliamJune 2nd 1871Ornate polished grey stone & cross
191PhillipsElizabeth EdwardJuly 8th 1885Ornate polished grey stone & cross
191EvansEmily ColbyDec 11th 1930Ornate polished grey stone & cross
191EvansEdward ColbyMay 20th 1931Ornate polished grey stone & cross
194BevanJohnMay 8th 1859Short slate
194BevanElizabethAug 25th 1861Short slate
194BevanEvanFeb 8th 1866Short slate
195JamesDavid1896Tall sandstone & kerb
195JamesMaryDec 29th 1938Tall sandstone & kerb
197DI1856Very short slate
199LewisMaggieMarch 28th 1892Tall slated decorated
199LewisWilliamDec 18th 1911Tall slated decoratedAttendant at JC Asylum
200JonesDavidAug 11st 1856Short slate MillwrightPriory Street
201WeatherheadWilliamDec 24th 1856Short slate
201WeatherheadHarrietApril 8th 1861Short slate
202OwensPheobeAug 8th 14th 1858Tall grey stonePembrokeshire
202JonesHughFeb 10th 1862Tall grey stoneBlue street
202JonesSarah JaneApril 19th 1866Tall grey stone
202JonesMarthaMarch 20th 1869Tall grey stone
202JonesCatherineJuly 3th 1878Tall grey stone
203PhillipsMaryAug 8th 1858Tall sandstone
203PhillipsThomasDec 14th 1864Tall sandstone
203PhillipsMaryFeb 26th 1883Tall sandstone
204JonesEbenezerJuly 5th 1858Tall grey stone
204JonesJaneJuly 11th 1883Tall grey stone
205AshtonRichardJune 27th 1857Grey stone
205AshtonSophiaJuly 10th 1864Grey stone
205AshtonPhilipDec 4th 1864Grey stone
206JonesRachelJuly 19th 1903Tall shaped sandstone & concrete kerbUnion Street
206GeorgeMargaretNov 1st 1903Tall shaped sandstone & concrete kerb
207BrightThomasAug 27th 1870White box tombIronfounderGuildhall Square
207SmithJamesDec 7th 1845White box tomb
207BrightAnne MariaApril 4th 1849White box tomb
207BrightAnnie AmeliaDec 27th 1854White box tomb
207BrightEliza MariaJan 13th 1859White box tomb
208WaltersWalterMay 28th 1851Short slate
208WaltersHannahJuly 19th 1852Short slate
212LewisMaryFeb 9th 1905Tall white stone & kerb
212LewisJonah HowellAug 25th 1909Tall white stone & kerb
213ThomsonMaryJuly 17th 1933Short black polished stone & kerb
213CarolineDec 26th 1930Short black polished stone & kerb
213ReesDavidDec 31st 1887Short black polished stone & kerbNantyglasdwr farm, Pensarn
213ReesMaryDec 1st 1880Short black polished stone & kerb
213ReesMargaretNov 6th 1851Short black polished stone & kerb
213ReesFrancisNov 9th 1851Short black polished stone & kerb
213ReesAnneNov 13th 1851Short black polished stone & kerb
215KyleSgt. JohnFeb 17th 1870White cross & stone kerbSergent Major in 41st Reg
215KlyeArabella FranciesDec 8th 1889White cross & stone kerb
216MorganThomasSept 18th 1872Large pointed grey stone (collapsed)Merchant
216CoyleFannyFeb 1st 1874Large pointed grey stone (collapsed)
217ThomasJonahMay 10th 1874Decorated grey stoneSlaughterhouse keeper
217ThomasHarriet MariaSept 16th 1876Decorated grey stone
217ThomasHarrietDec 17th 1892Decorated grey stone
217ThomasAlfred JayesDec 12th 1905Decorated grey stone
219ParryAlbert MarvynAug 15th 1915Short white crossThe training collegeCarmarthen
220GeorgeElizabethMay 30th 1916Tall polished dark stone
220GeorgeWilliam VaughanOct 11th 1927Tall polished dark stone
220MorrisMary JaneMarch 12th 1933Tall polished dark stone
220GeorgeEliza HannahNov 30th 1942Tall polished dark stone
221MorganDavidDec 10th 1874Tall polished grey stone & kerb
221MorganRachelNov 30th 1893Tall polished grey stone & kerb
221MorganAnnaApril 22nd 1878Tall polished grey stone & kerb
221MorganSarahApril 2nd 1895Tall polished grey stone & kerb
222JonesJaneJan 3rd 1873Grey stoneLammas Street
222JonesWilliamApril 17th 1888Grey stone
222JonesElizabethSept 10th 1898Grey stone
222JonesMary AnneJan 11th 1918Grey stone
223BarrettReesSept 6th 1858Grave covered by shaped stone
223BarrettMaryApril 20th 1869Grave covered by shaped stone
226ThomasWilliamJune 26th 1851Double headstones in slotted pillars
226ThomasEdwardAug 11th 1854Double headstones in slotted pillars
226ThomasMargaretNov 10th 1871Double headstones in slotted pillars
227WallaceMary AnnJune 6th 1851Short stone
228BarrettJohnFeb 15th 1851Short slate Johnstown
232HowellWilliam JamesFeb 11th 1852
232HowellMaryOct 26th 1868
235JG TSmall slate
235JMSmall slate
236BrightWilliamNov 20th 1849Low box tomb & tall railingsJohnstown
236BrightSarahMarch 31th 1875Low box tomb & tall railings
238ThomasJohnFeb 16th 1851Grey stone medium heightBoots at Ivy Bush Hotel
239JenkinsJohnJune 11th 1855Tall slate
239JenkinsAnnaFeb 4th 1855Tall slate
239JenkinsJamesMarch 16th 1855Tall slate
239JenkinsJonahSept 6th 1866Tall slate
239JenkinsGeorgeOct 2nd 1884Tall slate
241PhillipsJamesDec 29th 1977Tall slateShoemaker
241PhillipsJames DaviesApril 17th 1878Tall slate
241GriffithsSophiaAug 2nd 1854Tall slateSt, Catherines Mill
241RowlandsMaryFeb 11th 1874Tall slateTrevaughan Farm
242LloydJohnNov 21th 1854Short grey stoneTin plate worker
242LloydMarthaMay 25th 1875Short grey stone
243HarriesMaryDec 28th 1854Short slate
243HarriesJamesJan 15th 1855Short slate
243HarriesRichardMarch 1st 1856Short slate
244GriffithsPhillipAug 9th 1856Slate medium height
244GriffithsDavidJune 22nd 1858Slate medium height
244GriffithsAnnJune 8th 1860Slate medium height
244GriffithsDanielApril 6th 1861Slate medium height
244GriffithsThomasMarch 2nd 1869Slate medium height
245FisherElizabethMarch 26th 1880Grey stone medium height & kerb
245HarriesEmilySept 17th 1851Grey stone medium height & kerb
246VDVery short slate
246VMVery short slate
247AllenEdwardJan 17th 1858Short grey stone
247AllenMargaretMay 23rd 1890Short grey stone
248LewisElizaOct 1st 1855Short grey stone
248LewisWilliamDec 24th 1859Short grey stoneFishmonger
248LewisElizabethNov 13th 1865Short grey stone
250WilliamsWilliam JohnJuly 9th 1940Low concrete stoneWoods row
250WilliamsAliceMarch 17th 1954Low concrete stone
251JW Very short stone
252MorganCharlotteSept 15th 1857Tall slate
254DaviesMargaretMarch 14th 1877Grey stone
254DaviesRichardMay 22nd 1885Grey stoneHatter
254DaviesMargaretMarch 9th 1920Grey stone
255DaviesThomasDec 11th 1886Stone crossPost officeCarmarthen
257MorganMary AnnFeb 27th 1855Large tall ornate monument & high railings
257MorganJaneApril 19th 1859Large tall ornate monument & high railings
257MorganEstherSept 16th 1861Large tall ornate monument & high railings
257MorganJamesJan 1st 1880Large tall ornate monument & high railingsMaltster
257MorganMatildaOct 30th 1884Large tall ornate monument & high railings
257MorganMartha AnneJune 22nd 1860Large tall ornate monument & high railings
258WilliamsJohn1851Short slate broken
259BevanMaryDec 1st 1883Broken Slate
260Small iron marker
261BrightSamuelOct 7th 1878Ornate tall white cross railings
261BrightMaryApril 17th 1889Ornate tall white cross railings
262LewisDavid EvansFeb 11th 1895Black cross low railings
262LewisElizabethNov 27th 1888Black cross low railings
263DanielEllenApril 29th 1849Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielDavidAug 27th 1849Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielAnneDec 5th 1850Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielJohnApril 3rd 1868Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielEstherDec 2nd 1867Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielDavidSept 22nd 1876Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielEstherJune 4th 1893Large box tomb railings vault
263DanielThomasSept 23rd 1922Large box tomb railings vault
264SamuelCatherineJune 21st 1849Short slate coffin shaped concrete cover to grave
265JohnWilliamDec 3rd 1849Short slate
265JohnJohnOct 30th 1856Short slate
266JonesWilliamFeb 17th 1863White Stone Cross with kerb
266JonesMaryDec 20th 1907White Stone Cross with kerb
267EvansEvanNov 27th 1850slate shortDriver
267 EvansAnneJune 17th 1859slate short
270CassinMaryJune 15th 1849Stone box tomb
270CassinMarthaNov 15th 1856Stone box tomb
270CassinCassinSamuel NewNov 3rd 1875Stone box tomb
272DaviesWilliamNov 2nd 1876Stone box tomb
272DaviesElizabethNov 18th 1888Stone box tomb
272ThomasThomasFeb 4th 1899Stone box tomb
273HowellsWilliamDec 7th 1877Large white cross on large square plinth
273HowellsSarahSept 7th 1860Large white cross on large square plinth
274WeaksGeorge HenryDec 21st 1920Stone Kerb. White Spar filling.
274WeaksWeaksClaraJuly 5th 1924Stone Kerb. White Spar filling.
275TrivettJohnOct 6th 1917Low stone with kerb
275TrivettFrancesMay 8th 1933Low stone with kerb
276JonesOwenApril 20th 1918Polished grey cross and kerb
276JonesMargaretMay 2nd 1966Polished grey cross and kerb
277MorganWilliamNov 5th 1915White cross and kerb coarse white spar filling
277MorganMargaret AnnOct 7th 1927White cross and kerb coarse white spar filling
278JonesMargaretJune 9th 1913White stone cross broken
278JonesRichardJune 24th 1924White stone cross broken
278JonesEllenApril 4th 1940White stone cross broken
279DaviesMaryJune 7th 1883Tall slate
279PhillipsSarahOct 21st 1887
280DaviesJohnMarch 16th 1881Tall Slate
280DaviesRev HenryJuly 29th 1883
280DaviesJamesJan 21st 1896
282Grave covered with large stone slab
283WhitneyMaryDec 7th 1853Tall slate
284JenkinsDavidJuly 7th 1855Tall Slate
284JenkinsDavidJuly 17th 1847Tall Slate
284JenkinsEstherJuly 6th 1884Tall Slate
284JenkinsJamesOct 28th 1910Tall Slate
286SDVery small stone & concrete kerb
286SJVery small stone & concrete kerb
286SAVery small stone & concrete kerb
286SEAVery small stone & concrete kerb
287DaviesMargaret ElizabethMarch 19th 1919White cross kerb grave filled with chippings
287DaviesMorrisMay 27th 1919White cross kerb grave filled with chippings
287DaviesEsther AnneSept 14th 1919White cross kerb grave filled with chippings
287DaviesJohn DanielSept 22nd 1930White cross kerb grave filled with chippings
288LeonardEllenDec 15th 1909White cross on plinth stone kerb
288LeonardThomas MorrisInfancyWhite cross on plinth stone kerb
288LeonardWilliam LewisNov 14th 1921White cross on plinth stone kerb
289LewelinMargaretDec 29th 1845Short Stone
289LewelinElizabethApril 15th 1846
289LlewelynThomasJune 25th 1885Mason
289LlewelynMaryMay 30th 1887
290DaviesThomasDec 31st 1873Tall grey stone
290DaviesSophiaJune 16th 1888Tall grey stone
290DaviesSarahApril 21st 1848Tall grey stone
290DaviesSamuelSept 12th 1858Tall grey stone
292WilliamsJohnApril 21st 1847Grey stone fallen
292WilliamsIssacDec 19th 1852Grey stone fallen
292WilliamsDavidOct 25th 1859Grey stone fallen
293BennetTom LewisNov 20th 1917Tall white cross
293BennetWillieJan 22nd 1918
293BennetElizabeth ASept 8th 1952
293BennetThomas RichardMarch 10th 1946
294EvansElizabethSept 11th 1878White cross fallen
295MorrisJohn DavidApril 21st 1853White stone shaped to form cross fallen
296DaviesFrancesAug 14th 1861Short slate
296DaviesGeorgeApril 11th 1862
296DaviesGeorgeJune 1st 1883
297EvansDavidJan 20th 1845Short grey stone (fallen)
297EvansRachelMarch 24th 1865
300SmithGeorge ThomasApril 8th 1859Tall slate fallen
300SmithElizabeth JaneJan 15th 1860
300SmithMary SarahMarch 30th 1866
303HarrisElizaSept 23rd 1855Short slate
304CooperWilliam MorganSept 6th 1867Cooper
304MorganJohnMay 21st 1865Tall white stone and low railings
304MorganEmishSept 6th 1888
304BurnellAnnFeb 25th 1900
304BurnellMary AnnDec 13th 1929
305CrossmanWilliam MorganMarch 31st 1865Short slate
305CrossmanJamesNov 30th 1867
306ThomasMaryDec 30th 1867Short slate
307EdwardsRichardOct 24th 1907Concrete cover on grave flat stoneGrocer
307JamesJohnDec 29th 1940
308DaviesCharlesMay 6th 1845Short thick stone
308DaviesHenryFeb 22nd 1848
309TDStone Kerb.
310EvansWilliamJune 7th 1847Short stoneCarmarthen Journal
310EvansJamesApril 25th 1876
311Stone Kerb.
314Very short slate
315GriffithsMaryJune 5th 1845Short broken stone
315GriffithsAnneMay 12th 1856
315GriffithsMargaretMay 5th 1866
315GriffithsDavidAug 31st 1870Hatter
316TRShort grey stone
317PhillipsMargaretFeb 1st 1909Tall stone slotted into vertical pillars
317ThomasSophiaJuly 28th 1922
318PhillipsMaryApril 10th 1847Tall stone slotted into vertical pillars
318PhillipsJamesJuly 31st 1848
318PhilipsElizabethMarch 14th 1849
318PhillipsThomasApril 19th 1883
319TalbotSarahOct 2nd 1932Large granite cross kerb
319TalbotWilliamNov 3rd 1905
319ThomasLouisaMarch 8th 1922
320WilliamsJohnFeb 2nd 1870Stone box grave collapsed
320WilliamsMary AnnDec 17th 1878
321JonesJohnAug 2nd 1848Stone box
321JonesSarahJuly 17th 1851
321JonesElizabethMarch 10th 1893
321JonesDavidAug 26th 1897
322DaviesSarahMarch 16th 1882Ornate slate medium height
322DaviesJohnSept 23rd 1892
322DaviesDavidJune 9th 1902
322DaviesMargaretDec 27th 1914
323WoodMaryJan 26th 1886Short white cross
325WaltersThomas ReesMarch 21st 1912Polished slab with crossVicar of this Parish 1880 – 1912
325WaltersElizabeth FarrarApril 27th 1933
326PooleySandys Edward Paul1913
326PooleyLaura SandysMarch 5th 1946Short thick granite cross slate kerb
327Very short stone
328LewisWilliam HenryJan 26th 1897White stone cross
328LewisHenry GwynneMarch 23rd 1911Parish Warden
329DaviesAnnMarch 9th 1886Short white stone with kerb, spar filling
329DaviesJamesMarch 4th 1892
329DaviesAnnieDec 14th 1910
329DaviesMaryJune 21st 1920
330TAVery short slate
331Very short slate
332Stone box tomb
333Very short slate
334DaviesJamesApril 19th 1858Tall white stone,low railings concrete coverCarpenter
334DaviesSarahJan 26th 1883
334ThomasAnneMarch 24th 1887
336PhillipsLouisaFeb 15th 1899Tall slate stone kerb
336PhillipsHelen PearceOct 17th 1908
336PhillipsDavid GeorgeMarch 25th 1919
336PhillipsThomas WilliamJuly 14th 1922
338LewisThomasOct 16th 1851Tall slateGun maker
338LewisEllenDec 11th 1861
338LewisSamuelSept 16th 1845
338KernickEllenSept 14th 1855
338LewisRichardJune 15th 1872
339BarfieldThomasJune 1st 1844Tall sandstone
339BarfieldLouisaMarch 20th 1860
339BarfieldOscarMarch 29th 1849
340WilliamsMaryJan 17th 1844Large slate box tomb
342DaviesMargaretOct 31st 1843Short slate
342DaviesPhillipMarch 8th 1851
343ReesEvanSept 2nd 1843Large stone box tombMerchant
343ReesMary AnneDec 30th 1859
343ThomasElizabethNov 5th 1877
344Very short slate
345very short slate
346JonesGeorge HenrySept 3rd 1842Short grey stone
346GeorgeRobert CornwallJune 18th 1877
346GeorgeCaroline LouisaMay 17th 1878
346GeorgeCaroline MarianApril 16th 1880
348EvansDavidMay 7th 1843Printer
348JonesJohnOct 24th 1865Master of smack acorn
349WilkinJaneJune 1st 1843Short broken slate
352MorganElizaOct 3rd 1902Tall slate stone kerb
352GeorgeMargaretApril 25th 1931
353ArthurAnnJuly 17th 1887Polished black stone and kerb filled white spar
353ArthurJohnApril 14th 1889
353ArthurEmilyJan 13th 1937
355ThomasLeslieOct 14th 1904
356BucklandWilliam HenryFeb 15th 1900Tall decorated alatoFireman
356BucklandAlice AmandaJuly 27th 1885
356BucklandMargaret MayOct 25th 1899
358MorrisMargaretFeb 23rd 1865Short slate
359MorganElizabethMarch 8th 1855Tall slate
359MorganJohn HornMay 11th 1868
359MorganDavid MorganJune 14th 1902Tailor
360LlewelynOwenAug 1st 1910tall slate concrete slab
360ReynoldsEvanOct 5th 1942
360ReynoldsJaneJan 26th 1951
361JonesMaryMarch 25th 1844Short stone
362WharfingerDavid ThomasApril 12th 1842Short slate
362WilsonDavid ThomasAug 12th 1854
362ThomasSarahAug 3rd 1862
366HughesThomasJune 24th 1843Slate medium heightSquare & Compass
367BeynonDavidNov 15th 1851Short grey stone
367BeynonSarahNov 10th 1877
367BeynonElizaAug 2nd 1842
367BeynonThomasJune 12th 1847
369WalterEvanJuly 14th 1849Tall grey stone
369WalterSophiaJan 25th 1844
369WalterHarrietJuly 26th 1857
370DaviesElizabethApril 18th 1844Ornate grey stone terminating in a cross
370DaviesMaryJan 24th 1863
370DaviesWilliamJuly 26th 1857
371DuffThomasNov 29th 1889Low white stone with kerb
371DuffFrancesAug 29th 1898
371DuffElizabeth JaneApril 2nd 1900
371DuffJohnAug 8th 1938
372MorseJohnAug 31st 1844Massive stone monument
372MorseAdahApril 14th 1845
372WilliamsAnneJan 19th 1865
373WillamsEleanorSept 15th 1844Short slate
374very short slate
375Very short slate
376WilliamsSarahMay 17th 1846Grey stone medium height
376WilliamsJohnFeb 2nd 1869
376LloydMary AnnApril 25th 1870
376WilliamsDavidMarch 22nd 1887
376WilliamsMaryDec 31st 1895
377HarriesSophiaSept 15th 1851Tall grey stone
377HarriesHenryMay 31st 1878
377HarriesHarrietMarch 1st 1889
378HarriesSusannahMay 19th 1889Tall sandstone
378EdwardsLouiseSept 21st 1893
380Polished grey cross on square plinth
381ThomasJohnDec 30th 1878Short slate slate kerb
381ThomasMary JaneSept 17th 1894
381ThomasMargaretNov 21st 1897
383PhillipsSophiaDec 18th 1878Tall ornate white stone
383ThomasMaryOct 24th 1915
383ThomasAnnieJan 1st 1958
384SutcliffeCharles Edward1916
384SutcliffeLetitia1918-01-01 00:00:00
385BrookesWalter Baxter1916Granite kerbFRCO
386CookeCharles AlfredNov 10th 1899White stone cross concrete kerbOrganist Christchurch
386CookeLucy GwendolineMarch 1st 1888
386CookeArthur TrevorNov 4th 1917
386CookeMabelNov 10th 1937
386CookeAnnieJan 30th 1927
386CookeBeatriceSept 8th 1940
387ThomasCharlotte8th March 1876Tall grey stone
387ThomasJohn30th Oct 1879
387ThomasDavid30th Dec 1882
391Tall grey stone
392MatthewsMary AnnSept 1932Tall granite cross granite kerb
392MatthewsWilliamJune 14th 1939
392MatthewsEdieApril 28th 1917
392ThomasEMNov 21st 1918
393Underground vault
395GobleAlfredMay 31st 1917Short moulded stone, stone kerb
395GobleSusanJuly 8th 1938
395GobleAlbert GeorgeFeb 5th 1940
395GobleJaneJuly 24th 1949
396RichardsMargaretSept 19th 1906
396Ellen AnneAug 23rd 1899
397WilliamsJohnAug 7th 1842tall grey stone massive kerb
397WilliamsJohnSept 6th 1843
400WilliamsAaronJune 26th 1843Flat stone
400WilliamsJohnJune 17th 1844
400WilliamsMargaretNov 20th 1867
400WilliamsEleanorAug 12th 1889
400WilliamsHannahJan 31st 1893
401Short slate
402SmithDavid JonesMay 8th 1842Short slate
402HarriesMaryFeb 15th 1854
403DaviesThomasApril 2nd 1853Tall slate
403DaviesRachelJune 6th 1867
405Short stone
407DaviesWilliamFeb 23rd 1897Tall thick stoneCabinet MakerSt Catherine street
407DaviesMaryNov 13th 1877Stone & Kerb
407DaviesThomasMay 5th 1855
407DaviesThomasJan 26th 1866
408JenkinsJaneMay 13th 1874Tall grey stone
408JenkinsMaryMarch 4th 1898
408JenkinsJamesSept 22nd 1898
408JenkinsAnnaMay 17th 1918
408JenkinsCatherine1925-01-01 00:00:00
410GeorgeGeorge VaughanApril 12th 1872Grey stone medium height
411LaphamJaneJune 27th 1872
411LaphamEstherFeb 6th 1876
413LewisAdaJune 9th 1858Short slate
413JonesSarahJuly 4th 1868
414DanielJohnNov 12th 1872Tall white stoneOld plough Inn
414DanielAnneSept 10th 1857
415MarksWilliamAug 17th 1870Tall grey stone
415MarksAnnMarch 7th 1901
417DaviesElizabethLow stone box tomb
418WoolastonSarahLow stone box tomb
419DMVery short slate
420WillamsAnneMarch 25th 1870Tall slateRoyal Exchange
420WillamsAnneMay 14th 1856
420WillamsGeorgeOct 1st 1879
422ClarkeElizaSept 24th 1864Tall grey stone
422SarahMayDec 5th 1864
423ClarkeDavidSept 4th 1867Tall decorated slateGrocerMagazine Row
423ClarkeSarahFeb 3rd 1884
423CharlesGriffithNov 13th 1911
423CharlesSarahOct 7th 1914
424TW Concrete kerb
425WillamsDavidMay 24th 1855Tall slateShoemaker
425WillamsDavidAug 16th 1879MasonFriars Park
425WillamsDavidMay 10th 1889
427WillamsElizabethApril 18th 1848Tall grey stone
427WillamsThomasDec 28th 1865
427WillamsMargaretMay 4th 1855
427WillamsMary AnnJan 29th 1864
428WallisSamuelSept 25th 1861Shaped grey stone
428WallisHannahDec 23rd 1868
429WillamsDavidApril 27th 1875Grey stone medium heightCoach builder
429WillamsAnneSeot 2nd 1868
429WillamsWilliamDec 5th 1858
429WillamsThomasJan 23rd 1871
429WillamsHenrySept 25th
429WillamsWilliamDeb 27th 1868
431HowellsMaryNov 18th 1900Tall slate & stone kerbBelmont houseSt Davids Street
431HowellsJohnOct 16th 1913
431HAda MaryMarch 3rd 1934
431HowellsMaggieMarch 3rd 1934
431HowellsDavidJan 2nd 1950
432JonesWilliamNov 10th 1844Low stone Gardener
433EvansMargaretSept 6th 1846Tall slate
433HowellsMaryMay 12th 1871Priory Street
433HowellsJohnOct 5th 1883
433HowellsJohnMay 28th 1884
434ThomasDavidMarch 23rd 1847Short stoneGroom
435EdwardsIsaacDec 20th 1867Tall thick stoneThe stag & pheasant
435EdwardsEdwardJan 27th 1846
435EdwardsMargaretFeb 30th 1847
435EdwardsElizabethJune 17th 1865
435EdwardsAnnSept 19th 1899
436DaviesJohnNov 30th 1907Tall white stone & kerbButcher Catherine Street
436DaviesMary JaneFeb 26th 1923
437DaviesDavidFeb 25th 1868Tall slateCurrier
437DaviesLewisMarch 27th 1916Catherine Street
439LynchWalterNov 28th 1891Polished grey cross and kerbSpilman Street
440EvansJamesJune 27th 1891Tall white crossWater Street
440EvansEleanor1916-01-01 00:00:00
440EvansMargaret SarahFeb 27th 1876
440EvansDavid WillaimSept 28th 1877
441EvansJohnMarch 6th 1928Short white stone with kerb, chippingsWeaverSt Catherine street
441EvansSarahDec 27th 1920
443WillamsJohnApril 24th 1891Tall polished brown obelisk & stone kerb
443WillamsElizabethFeb 18th 1884
443WillamsMarthaDec 16th 1934
443WillamsLizzieDec 16th 1952
445RogersMary JaneApril 10th 1872Tall sandstone
445EdwardsWilliam DanielMarch 18th 1883
445EdwardsIsaac GeorgeAug 7th 1885
445EdwardsEdward JohnMay 23th 1893
446WillamsAda AnneDec 2nd 1864Tall ornate stone
446WillamsD MJuly 6th 1883Builder
446DaviesEdith MargaretMay 3rd 1939
447DaviesMargaretAug 28th 1857Tall pointed sand stoneKing street
447DaviesDavidApril 21st 1860
447DaviesAnn A1889
449WaltonG HNov 5th 1918Tall narrow slatePrivate in the Welsh Regiment
451MorganElizabeth AnneMay 12th 1848Short stone
453DaviesDanJan 13th 1892Tall white stone & kerbCounter clerk at the post office
453DaviesArthur John WilliamMay 4th 1887
453DaviesBeatrice JaneMay 7th 1892
453DaviesElizabeth AnnFeb 8th 1941Midwife
454GriffithsJaneJuly 2nd 1847Short grey stone
454GriffithsAnneOct 23rd 1856
454GriffithsDavidJuly 22nd 1861
458PhilipsAliceDec 10th 1910Short thick stoneMyrtle cottage, Johnstown
458PhilipsAnnApril 1st 1937
459DaviesThomasJuly 12th 1914Tall grey stone & kerb19 Blue street
459DaviesElizabeth JaneSept 25th 1904
459DaviesMyfanwy GwendolineMay 14th 1905
459DaviesThomas HenrySept 11th 1910
459WestonEdith AnnJuly 13th 1923
459WestonThomas Georgedied in infancy
459DaviesElizabethOct 21st 1931
459HenriettaAgnesJan 19th 1946
461EvansJohn DaviesMay 23rd 1917Polished grey marble & kerb
461EvansHarryJune 23rd 1917
461EvansEthel MarySept 1st 1917
462LJ S
463OwenHenry AlfredMay 7th 1903Tall white cross
463OwenHenryNov 1st 1939
464GeorgeHannahNov 1st 1874Tall concrete kerb
464GeorgeWilliamDec 8th 1913
466JonesJohnFeb 16th 1874Tall grey stone
466JonesElizaJuly 9th 1855
466JonesRichardMay 31st 1864
466JonesMargaretOct 31st 1891
467NeedleAlfredMay 22nd 1855Tall slate
467NeedleAlfredDec 1st 1855
467NeedleMary LouisaMarch 22nd 1861
467NeedleCharlotte MaryOct 10th 1891
469NottGeorgeJan 2nd 1855Stone box tomb
471LloydJohnJan 22nd 1874Tall shaped slate
472NAVery short slate
472NC M
472NM L
475VaughanJohnNov 29th 1886Tall grey stone & kerb
475VaughanHerbertJuly 4th 1895
475VaughanSarahDec 1st 1924
475VaughanHerbertNov 1st 1931
477LaphamWilliamApril 18th 1889Tall grey stone & kerbShip Inn
477LaphamEliza JaneApril 18th 1880
477LaphamWilliam EdgerFeb 15th 1886
477AliciaBeatriceApril 12th 1890
478ThomasMargaretAug 21st 1958Short stone polished one side & kerb
478ThomasWilliam LApril 1st 1959Water Inspector
478ThomasMartha JaneOct 17th 1959
479BarnetMatthew HenryNov 12th 1915White CrossTowy House, Quay
481WilliamsMaryFeb 6th 1911Fallen tall grey stone
481ThomasFennyMarch 19th 1922
482ThomasElizabethDec 6th 1866Tall slateSpilman Street
482ThomasJohnMarch 10th 1863
482ThomasThomasApril 17th 1868
486EvansMaryDec 5th 1850Tall thick grey stoneRailway Tavern
487MorganDavid1851Grey stone medium heightButcher
487MorganElizabethMarch 14th 1854
488ThomasFredrick GeorgeNov 13th 1907Decorated white stone cross & kerb
488ThomasRuthOct 29th 1911
489DoyleMaryNov 17th 1852Short slate
489DoyleAnne ElizabethNov 11th 1852
490RichardsBenjaminNov 6th 1877Short slate Quay
491JonesJohnJun 29th 1901Decorated tall white stone kerbCaptainCarmarthen House
491JonesJaneMay 4th 1900
491JonesMargaretJune 14th 1912
492MorrisW AMay 2nd 1918Short narrow slateSergant DCM Welsh Reg
493Concrete kerb
494MorganRichard HerbertJan 19th 1887Tall shaped grey stone, stone kerbChaplin HM prison Carms
495MorrisDavidOct 28th 1867Slate box tomb
495MorrisMaryFeb 13th 1870
495MorrisThomasMarch 7th 1871
495MorrisMarthaOct 29th 1896
495MorrisMarySet 9th 1897
496CharlesEllenJan 9th 1866Shaped grey stone
496CharlesEstherFeb 5th 1866
496CharlesRhysFeb 22nd 1866
497JonesMaryNov 9th 1862Short grey srone
498AwberyStephenMay 16th 1852
498ThomasCharlotteJan 21st 1916Stone box tomb slate top
498ThomasEdith AnnMarch 27th 1939
499ThomasSarahMay 1st 1868Tall slate
499ThomasHenryOct 19th 1903Mason
500MartinEmmaSept 11th 1852Short grey stone
500MartinAndrewAug 11th 1862
501WhiteBerthaDec 25th 1852tall grey stone
501WhiteJohnApril 25th 1866
501WhiteJuliaDec 17th 1882
501WhiteCatherineJuly 30th 1886
502DaviesDanielMedi 9th 1911polished stone cross stone kerbGolden lion hotel
502DaviesMargaretMedi 24th 1935
503GeorgeMaryMarch 11th 1931Stone Kerb.
503DaviesCledwynMarch 9th 1915
503DaviesJamesJan 30th 1945Councillor
504GeorgeAnneSept 1st 1907Tall white stone cross fallen concrete kerb
504GeorgeThomasApril 27th 1908
506DaviesJosephFeb 2nd 1867Short slate
506DaviesMargaretAug 3rd 1871
506DaviesElizabethMarch 20th 1875
507EvansEllen HarrietMay 25th 1866short slate fallen
507Evans Louisa EllenoraMarch 31st 1869
508Short slate
509WilliamsRachelMai 6th 1878
509WilliamsDavidMawrth 10th 1890short grey stone
510Concrete kerb
511LewisWilliamNov 9th 1891Tall grey stone
511LewisHerbert JohnMarch 28th 1906
511LewisDavid GeorgeMarch 25th1911
512MorganNicholasMarch 25th 1908Tall white cross concrete kerb
512MorganElizabethJune 29th 1940
512HintonSapper JohnApril 16th 1918
512HintonMary ElizabethNov 13th 1945
515Concrete kerb
516LaphamJamesJan 31st 1891Tall grey stone, stone kerbplumber
516LaphamMargaretMarch 21st 1947
519E TVery short stone
521G EVery short stone
521M E
522JonesJamesJan 31st 1891Tall grey stone, stone kerbplumber
522JonesMargaretMarch 21st 1947
524RichardsMaryMay 20th 1882Tall grey stone
524RichardsJohnApril 12th 1862mason
524RichardsDavidJune 27th 1891
525LloydMaryMarch 26th 1859Short slate
525LloydJohnNov 21st 1867mason
525LloydDavidApril 8th 1877
526ReesAlfredDec 24th 1912Tall slate concrete kerbCambrian bakery
526ReesSophiaApril 23rd 1930
526DaviesEdithAug 7th 1967
526ReesSophiaOct 27th 1967
527LloydElizabethMarch 31st 1910Tall slate concrete kerb
527ReesMargaretJuly 3rd 1929
527HemmingsWilfredMarch 15th 1949
527HemmingsSarahOctober 6th 1951
528ReesDavidMarch 24th 1885Tall slate grey kerb
528ReesJaneApril 2nd 1897
528ReesHannah JaneAug 29th 1899
528ReesMary ElizabethJune 10th 1900
535ScottRichard Andrew1875Large stone covering graveRoyal Staff Corps Chief Constable
535ScottJohn GeorgeNov 15th 1844
535ScottJohn GeorgeOct 10th 1851
535ScottFrederickMay 14th 1855
535FredericaEllenNov 13th 1864
536JonesRobert April 15th 1855Short slate
537GeorgeJohnFeb 29th 1896Tall slate decorated
537GeorgeFannyDec 16th 1899
538HarriesAnnNov 8th 1879Tall slate
538LewisElizaOct 7th 1876
539DaviesGeorgeFeb 18th 1923Shaped grey stoneLlanstephan road, Johnstown
539DaviesAnnJan 4th 1934
539WalkerThomasOct 23rd 1901
539CharlesElinor AnnJuly 27th 1892
540WilliamsThomasAug 14th 1894Tall stone obeliskJohn Street
540WillamsLotitiaApril 18th 1934
541EvansWilliamJan 11th 1896Shaped narrow stone
543GriffithsDanielJuly 23rd 1894Tall grey stone concrete kerbBuilderLammas Street
543GriffithsAnnSept 24th 1906
543GriffithsJohnOct 17th 1917
543GriffithsElinor Oct 12th 1919
544DaviesJamesJuly 1st 1893Tall brown polished crossMayor of Carmarthen 1892-1893
544DaviesKittyMay 22nd 1919
545ThomasJohn OwenMay 7th 1912Decorated white crossOld plough Hotel
547ComptonJohnJuly 29th 1857Low slate
549MorgansJohnAug 17th 1843Tall white stone & kerbWater Street
549MorgansEstherMarch 3rd 1889
549CliffordThomasdied in infancy
549DaffyHannahAug 10th 1907
553KinderLydiaJuly 15th 1889Tall shaped grey stone, stone kerb
553KinderHenry RNov 27th 1899
554DaviesMary SarahNov 10th 1888Tall decorated white crossMagazine Row
554DaviesSydney MorrisAug 30th 1892
554DaviesDavidSept 29th 1930
554DaviesMary AnnMay 26th 1931
554DaviesElizabeth AnnJune 29th 1974
555ReesRichardJune 25th 1888Tall slateUnion Street
555ReesCeceliaFeb 25th 1895
557SpurryThomasMay 21st 1890Tall shaped grey stoneWilliams court
557SpurryGladysOct 7th 1870
557SpurryCharlotteJuly 4th 1906
557SpurryElizabethApril 22nd 1906
558GTVery short slate
559EvansLouisaJuly 18th 1890Tall shaped grey stone
559EvansStephen TomJan 25th 1904
559EvansWilliamDec 9th 1912
559EvansHannahApril 30th 1913
561WhitwoodHarriet MJuly 3th ,1891
562EvansGwilymSept 8th 1891Tall shaped grey stoneLammas Street
562EvansDanielApril 15th 1912
562EvansPhobeApril 29th 1925
562EvansAnnieDec 4th 1942
563JW LVery short slate
563JW H
564HowellsJaneNov 1st 1891Ornate cross
566DJVery low slate
567BB J
569LewisCharles DavidMarch 21st 1877Tall slate
569LewisMargaretJan 26th 1876
569LewisJoseph ErnestJune 25th 1880
569LewisW GMay 21st 1886
570ValentineW April 5th 1890Shaped grey stone
570DaviesWilliamJuly 11th 1930
570DaviesEmmaOct 9th 1932
572EvansJosephFeb 26th 1878Tall shaped decorated sandstone
572EvansAnnMarch 4th 1886
572EvansDavidNov 17th 1887
572EvansElizabethApril 26th 1935
574PryseJohnAug 11th 1922Stone cross
574AnnSarahApril 24th 1942
575PryseJohnJan 8th 1867Tall shaped white stone
575PryseEmmaOct 24th 1859
576WilliamsThomasFEB 15TH 1890Tall grey StoneBookbinder
576WillamsJaneNov 9th 1861
576WilliamsThomas DouglasMay 20th 1890
577EdmondsGeorgeMay 28th 1852Tall white stone
577EdmondsElizabethJan 23rd 1874
578WhiteThomasJuly 25th 1854Stone box tomb
578WhiteHannahJune 22nd 1861
578WhiteIssacJune 25th 1866
579SpurrellWilliamApril 22nd 1889Tall stone obelisk
579SpurrellSarahNov 22nd 1911
579SpurrellWilliamSept 20th 1854
579SpurrellWilliam AlbertOct 29th 1854
580JonesWilliamSept 25th 1844Short slate
581JamesWalterDec 23rd 1855Short slate Carrier
581JamesFredrickJune 15th 1858
581JamesWilliamJan 26th 1861
583WilliamsJohnSept 23rd 1876Tall white cross stone kerbSurgeon
583WilliamsDoretheaFeb 5th 1903
583WilliamsLucy DoraFeb 26th 1913
584Stone Kerb.
585DaviesMaryApril 7th 1857Short grey stone
585DaviesWilliamFeb 6th 1861Seargant Carms Fusilers
586DaviesAnnApril 7th 1857Tall grey stone
586DaviesJohn JosephFeb 6th 1861
587ThomasWilliam JohnJune 26th 1867Massive grey decorated stoneBwlch Merthyr
587ThomasMaryJan 3rd 1895
587ThomasLizzieMarch 27th 1940
588ThomasDavidSept 14th 1867Carmarthen Journal
588ThomasMariaMay 12th 1871
589CocksFrankNov 7th 1914Tall grey polished cross spar filling
589CocksInez MaryMay 18th 1921
589CocksMargaret ElizabethMay 13th 1924
589CocksMargaretNov 2nd 1938
590FinglahFrederick JamesFeb 22nd 1919Stone Kerb.
591JohnsAnnNov 22nd 1878
591JohnsGeorgeAug 6th 1883Mariner
592collapsed stone box tomb
593NashMaryFeb 3rd 1858slate box tomb
595DJBvery short slate
596tall decorated white stone collapsed
597tall grey cross
598PhillipsJonathanMay 12th 1865short grey stonehatter
598PhillipsMargaretJan 1st 1887
599ReesLlewelynNov 4th 1864tall grey stone railings
599ReesWilliamNov 2nd 1878
599ReesElizabethAug 12th 1879
600GillelandJohnJuly 11th 1867tall shaped grey stone
600GillelandWilliamJan 29th 1865
600GillelandJohnJuly 22nd 1850
600GillelandMatthewFeb 22nd 1859
600GillelandJamesJune 24th 1859
600GillelandAgnesOct 18th 1873
601JonesMaryJune 23rd 1865tall grey shaped stone
601JonesElizabethMay 21st 1885
601JonesJohnJan 31st 1892
602JohnsJohnOct 14th 1853tall slate
602JohnsElinor July 24th 1872
603MitchellMaryMarch 15th 1874tall slate
603MitchellDavidJan 27th 1875
603ThomasMaryMay 22nd 1907
604MMVery short slate
605MorganElizabethAug 12th 1921polished grey cross fallen
606very short slate
608very short slate
609NMvery short stone
610tall double slate slotted into pillars fallen
612WilliamsJohnNov 10th 1877tall slate
612WilliamsElizabethApril 17th 1906
613EvansJohnfeb 23rd 1872tall slate
613EvansAlicesept 27th 1899
613EvansLouisanov 19th 1915
613EvansSarahJune 16th 1931
617DawesMaryJune 6th 1865tall grey shaped stone
617DawesWilliamMarch 9th 1874
617DawesMartha SophiaAug 27th 1877
617DawesWilliamMay 17th 1882
617DawesMarthaNov 22nd 1893
618 JEvery short slate
619BoltonJaneMay 27th 1915tall concrete slate
619ThomasHerbertSept 18th 1878
619ThomasD MDec 21st 1922Boot makerWater street
620SmithWilliam JohnJune 7th 1912Shaped tall grey stoneCarmathenshire ConstabularySt Davids Street
621DaviesFrancesJune 12th 1858Short slate
621JonesJohnSept 6th 1861
621DaviesElizabethNov 28th 1866
624BagnallJamesApril 24th 1889Tall grey Stone
624BagnallEstherMarch 17th 1855
624BagnallWilliam LewisNov 18th 1888
628MorganThomasMarch 6th 1861Tall slateCarpenterSpilman Street
628MorganMary AnnFeb 28th 1857
628MorganMorganSept 16th 1873
629GW Very short slate
629CE J
630OTVery short slate
631JonesElizabethMarch 31st 1905Tall white cross
631JonesDanielMay 22nd 1937Printer
631JonesMargaret JaneMay 28th 1895
631CadwalladerGwendolineFeb 6th 1905
637JamesHelenaNov 18th 1903Short grey polished stoneBridge street
637JamesRichard MorganDec 22nd 1927Nott Square
640DaviesRogerFeb 19th 1829Short grey stone
640DaviesWilliamJan 24th 1866Cooper
641JamesDavidJuly 24th 1865Wide tall grey stone
641JamesAlphredSept 24th 1865Carmarthen Borough Police Force
641JamesElizabethFeb 12th 1900
644HarriesWilliamDec 3rd 1875Tall slate (fallen)Johnstown
644HarriesMarthaFeb 28th 1915
644HarriesReesjuly 3rd
644HarriesCatherine AnnJune 9th
650SharklandElizabethJan 5th 1867Short slate Post office
651MorrisDavidMarch 13th 1867Elaborate hipped concrete cover
652JonesGeorgeFeb 19th 1867Short slate mason
652JonesAnnFeb 8th 1864
652JonesDavidFeb 6th 1884
652JonesAsaiahDec 10th 1875
653EvansDavid#N/AShort slate MarinerPriory Street
653EvansWilliamFeb 6th 1864
653EvansJaneFeb 6th 1884
653EvansElisaJan 13th 1889
654DaviesMaryDec 25th 1860Tall grey stone
654DaviesMargaretMarch 27th 1865
654DaviesHenryFeb 12th 1866
654DaviesJohnJan 24th 1872
654DaviesLizzieJuly 18th 1899
654DaviesMargaretMay 9th 1904
654DaviesDavidDec 13th 1921
657JonesEvanJan 24th 1868Short slate Heol y Prior
658BlandCorneliusApril 4th 1901Short grey stone
659WilliamsFrancisMay 13th 1858Tall white cross
659WilliamsVen. David ArchardSept 16th 1879Archdeacon of Carmarthen
659SoppittEmilySept 30th 1937
659SoppittJaneJuly 4th 1909
659SoppittArchardJan 4th 1923
659SoppittFrancisJune 1st 1948
659HancockeBeatriceAug 18th 1925
659HancockeEdith MaryJuly 10th 1928
659HancockeMary ElizabethNov 24th 1888
660DaviesMargaretTall white crossLammas Street
660SapsonThomas Davies
660DaviesSophiaJan 19th 1921
660RogersHettieSept 7th 1916
660RogersRev. W IOct 9th 1939Vicar of Ribbleton
662JohnsMaryJan 19thh 1853Tall slate
662JohnsDavidOct 30th 1855Mariner
662DaviesThomasFeb 24th 1867
668WDVery short slate
670HFVery short slate
671JW HTall white stone
671JE J
675MillerMargaretSept 1st 1861Stone box tombLiverpool
681DanielElizaJune 11th 1899Tall decorated slate
681DanielJohnJan 25th 1945Church Warden
682CottrellElizabethDec 19th 1865Short stone
690JonesElizabethMarch 31st 1905Tall white cross & kerb
690JonesDanielMay 22nd 1937
690JonesElizabethJan 10th 1874
690JonesMary JaneDec 23rd 1878
690JonesMargaretMay 28th 1895
691OTVery short slate
692DW Very short slate
692CE T
693MorganThomasMarch 6th 1861Tall slate
693MorganMary AnnFeb 28th 1857
696PrytherchDanielDec 26th 1854Elaborate stone boxDeputy LT
696DaltonFrances SarahMay 4th 1855
696DaltonBlancheNov 5th 1856
696DaltonDanielAug 30th 1857
700DanielJohnNov 12th 1872Tall slate with pillarsOld plough HotelLammas Street
700DanielSarahNov 23rd 1872
700DanielAnneSept 10th 1857
702DaviesKesiaAug 20th 1877Tall grey stone, slate kerbButcher Priory Street
703JamesDanielMarch 4th 1879
703JamesJohnMay 12th 1879
703JamesMaryJune 25th 1920
709MD CVery short slate
711MAVery short slate
712HowellsMargaretJan 4th 1879Tall slate
712HowellsThomasJan 25th 1895
721PhillipsDavidNov 12th 1861Short slate
722WadeRobert Sept 4th 1870Tall white stone & kerb
722MasonJohnDec 6th 1858
722WadeRobert June 8th 1859
722BoothroydAlfredJuly 27th 1878
725JonesElizabethJune 21st 1858tall narrow slate
725RichardsWilliamJune 28th 1892
725RichardsDavid JohnSept 6th 1891
726very short slate
727ThomasJohnMay 26th 1872tall grey stone, stone kerb
727ThomasAnnAug 21st 1904
727ReesWillieJan 13th 1902
727ThomasAnnNov 13th 1922
737CrewJaneOct 20th 1857large stone cover to grave
738VigorGeorgeJune 9th 1847Hipped concrete cover to grave
738VigorCharlotte ElizaAug 1st 1853
747HarrisCharles Henry HerbertFeb 2nd 1851
755FranklinMaryFeb 11th 1856
755CrookBeaumontNov 10th 1862
755WycliffeErnestJune 26th 1871
756LewisAnnFeb 11th 1856tall grey stone
756BonnerMarynov 19th 1862
756LlewelynMary AnneJune 26th 1876
757stone box tomb
758PhillipsMargaretJuly 8th 1855stone slab over grave
758PhillipsEdwardNov 19th 1824
760very short slate
761CottrellEmmaOct 21st 1855tall slate
761CottrellAnneJune 2nd 1857
761CottrellGeorgeJune 20th 1867
765tall slate fallen
766tall slate fallen
767stone box tomb collapsed
768GAvery short slate
770WorthingtonMarthaMarch 13th 1898tall slate
770WorthingtonJamesMay 15th 1920
771GlencrossEdmundMarch 14th 1856tall slate
771GlencrossMargaret JaneMarch 5th 1865
788LewisBTFeb 22nd 1919Tall narrow slatePrivate Welsh Reg
779DanielEmmaAug 9th 1864Housekeeper to G Nott Est
786Short slate
789LloydWilliamMarch 2nd 1849Short slate mason
789LloydElizabethDec 2nd 1851
789WilliamsWilliam GeorgeDec 24th 1897
790Concrete kerb
793CarsonWilliamJuly 2nd 1901tall slate
793CarsonAnnMay 19th 1928
797LloydMarthaJan 5th 1845tall slate
797LloydGeorgeMay 30th 1869
797LloydSophiaApril 5th 1885
798very short slate
799short stone
800DaviesRichardAug 31st 1847tall stonecarpenter
801EvansEmilyAug 7th 1864
801EvansDavid WalterMarch 31st 1866
801EvansHannahFeb 22nd 1877
801EvansJenkinJan 31st 1888tall stone with pillars
802GowerHarrietDec 28th 1913tall black polished stone
802GowerStanleyJune 19th 1895
802GowerDorothyJune 17th 1898
802GowerAgnes MaudApril 2nd 1900
802GowerDavid CharlesFeb 27th 1930
803EvansWilliamGor 1 1849short stonepotter
804LitteredBoggabillaOct 15th 1897Tall obeliskJob cook NSW
805EvansJohnOct 6th 1841Short slate
805EvansCatherineApril 29th 1859
806MitchellElizaMarch 12th 1885Tall stone
806MitchellJohnJuly 16th 1871
806MitchellJohnApril 23rd 1923
807MDVery short stone
808LewisEmilyApril 18th 1889tall slate
808LewisDavidMay 25th 1899
808LewisJohnAug 24th 1906Butcher
808LewisMaryMarch 26th 1909
808LewisRichardDec 21st 1936
808LewisCatherine AnnJuly 18th 1952
809JonesCharlotteOct 30th 1841short stone
810stone box tomb
811WilliamsThomasJan 29th 1881tall white stone decoratedButcher
811WilliamsRachelMarch 4th 1853
811WilliamsJohnAug 31st 1858
811WilliamsWilliamApril 28th 1908
811WilliamsHannahJan 22nd 1926
812KingdonWilliamMarch 3rd 1842tall thick stone tall railings
812KingdonAnnJan 20th 1852
818Concrete kerb
820Concrete kerb
823HughesWilliamMay 7th 1832tall slate decorated
823HughesAnnJan 11th 1884
823HughesLouisaFeb 1st 1911
839tall slate
840WilliamsHarrietOct 30th 1841
841CleverleyJohnApril 17th 1864tall shaped decorated grey stone
841CleverleyJaneMarch 29th 1874
841CleverleyWilliamSept 5th 1841
842DaviesJohnJune 23rd 1874tall slateMasonLammas St
842DaviesMary AnnFeb 3rd 1862
842DaviesMaryAug 11th 1864
842DaviesMary AnnFeb 6th 1865
842DaviesDavidAug 18th 1864
842DaviesDavidAug 26th 1869
842DaviesWilliam SandersFeb 2nd 1822Schoolmaster
842DaviesMaggieOct 23rd 1899
844MorganAnnMay 11th 1841short stoneSpirit merchantDarkgate
844MorganThomasApril 11th 1861
846DaviesAnnMarch 6th 1868
847St Catherine street
855WilliamsThomasFeb 25th 1856tall slatesailmaker
855WilliamsRachelFeb 4th 1858
855WilliamsElizabethApril 8th 1879
856EvansAnneJune 14th 1881tall white decorated stone
856EvansMaryAug 3rd 1878
857HumphreysHannahMay 1st 1857tall grey
857HumphreysThomasOct 15th 1877Mariner Harbourmaster
858MorrisJohn ThomasSept 21th 1856Tall grey stone
858ThomasElizaApril 30th 1875
862EvansDavidJuly 23rd 1861Elaborate concrete cover
862EvansMaria JaneSept 6th 1868
862EvansMariaNov 12th 1903
864BlandCorneliusAug 8th 1861Tall grey stone & kerbMaster of international school
864BlandMary AnnJan 27th 1886
864BlandJoseph1897 Jan
865JW Very short slate
866PW Very short slate
868DanielWilliamDec 8th 1864Tall grey stone
868DanielMary AnneJune 27th 1873
869DanielDavidOct 13th 1860Tall slate (fallen)Priory Street
869JonesJaneApril 7th 1863
871ThomasMariaMay 17th 1862Grey stone cross
872WillamsFrancesApril 11th 1868Short slate
873WhiteWilliamApril 8th 1863Tall slate
873WhiteDavidMarch 13th 1864Coal Merchant
873WhiteAnneApril 1st 1917
874ReesThomasOct 30th 1890Tall white shaped stone
874ReesHenryJan 7th 1891
874ReesJohnOct 28th 1899
875JonesGeorge ThomasOct 9th 1864Tall slate & concrete kerb
875JonesMargaretOct 29th 1864
875JonesCapt. GeorgeFeb 20th 1904Master Mariner Quay Warden
875JonesJaneOct 29th 1913
876JamesWilliam ThomasAug 30th 1861Stone obelisk (broken)carpenterSeymour Terrace
876JamesWalterNov 15th 1865
877JamesThomasNov 13th 1862tall grey shaped stonePriory Street
877JamesElizaDec 15th 1901
878BeynonThomasDec 14th 1889Shaped grey stoneSolicitor
878BeynonThomasJune 11th 1862
878BeynonAnnJuly 4th 1876
879ReesSarahOct 16th 1845Short grey srone
880PhilipsAnnieNov 26th 1922Tall white cross
880PhilipsMargaret GwendolineNov 3rd 1940
881WillamsMaryAug 20th 1865Short slate
882HarrisSarahJune 1st 1862Short square pillar
883JonesRuthDec 10th 1866Short narrow grey stoneLammas St
883JonesJohnJune 10th 1875Grocer
883JonesHarrietMarch 15th 1889
885LewisBenjaminNov 24th 1882Tall white stone cross & kerbMorfa House
885LewisMalissa MaryJuly 17th 1876
885LewisTheodoreDec 28th 1878
885LewisAlfred ThomasJune 17th 1915
885LewisHarry LlewellynMay 14th 1915
886PhillipsSarahMay 30th 1863Tall grey stone
886PhillipsDavidMay 10th 1869Water street
888WillamsMaryApril 20th 1864Tall slate
888WillamsSarahJuly 2nd 1866
888WillamsJohnMarch 18th 1882
892LR R
893LawrenceAnnieNov 26th 1858Tall grey stone
893LawrenceRichardNov 26th 1870
893MorrisAnneDec 30th 1888Blue street
898DanielD. AugustusNov 13th 1884Tall grey stone
898DanielAnn WoozleyJuly 19th 1904
898DanielAugustusNov 18th 1910
899ThomasMaryJune 12th 1883Tall slate (fallen)Morley Street
899ThomasAnnSept 4th 1894
903BarnettJohnJune 17th 1880Tall grey stoneBridge street
903BarnettRebeccaApril 5th 1907
905HamiltonJosephOct 11th 1879Tall white stone & kerb
905HamiltonSarah ElizaJune 16th 1884
905BishopJoseph LApril 17th 1885
907DE1880Very short slate
909Thomas EvansWilliamJanuary 28th 1870Tall white stone Stags Head
EvansAnnaFeb 28th 1881Tall white stone
EvansWilliamSept 9th 1895Tall white stone
910MSDVery short slate
911Tall slate with pillars fallen
912Tall slate with pillars fallen
914Concrete kerb
915ThomasEleanorMarch 27th 1882Short slate Water street
ThomasJamesFeb 10th 1897Short slate
916CurnickJamesJan 20th 1924Elaborate concrete kerb
917JonesElizabethNov 22nd 1880Tall grey stonePriory Street
JonesElizabethFeb 22nd 1909Tall grey stone
JonesThomasMarch 21st 1918Tall grey stone
918NesbittWilliamJuly 4th 1885Concrete slab with cross
NesbittEstherApril 10th 1924Concrete slab with cross
NesbittMaryJuly 10th 1897Concrete slab with crossCatherine Street
919BevanThomasOct 8th 1896Tall shaped slate
BevanWilliamMay 8th 1896Tall shaped slate
BevanThomasApril 13th 1904Tall shaped slate
BevanMaria May 1st 1904Tall shaped slate
920PhilippsGriffithNov 10th 1891Tall grey polished obelisk. Low railingsCommander R.N.
PhilippsGiorgiannaApril 15th 1898Tall grey polished obelisk. Low railings
PhilippsJohn GeorgeMarch 31st 1898Tall grey polished obelisk. Low railings
921Tall stone fallen. Grey railings
922GertrudeMarian DellMarch 12th 1942Concrete headstone and kerb slate inlay
923GeorgeEmilyOct 3rd 1880Tall grey decorated. Stone, low railing
GeorgeElizabethOct 18th 1893Tall grey decorated. Stone, low railing
GeorgeThomasJune 25th 1900Tall grey decorated. Stone, low railingChapel Street
924EvansCharles WilliamApril 15th 1849
EvansAnnieAug 7th 1880Bridge street
925Concrete kerb
926Concrete kerb
927CurnickEdwardDec 3rd 1949Concrete kerb, book like stoneKing street
DowdMaryDec 27th 1970Concrete kerb, book like stone
DowdEdwardMay 12th 1971Concrete kerb, book like stone
928RichardsMary SarahJan 17th 1921Polished stone kerb7 Mill Street
RichardsDavid JohnAug 12th 1954Polished stone kerb
929Concrete kerb, spar filling
930DaviesEleanor AnnJuly 30th 1948Concrete kerb, spar filling. Book like stoneJohnstown
DaviesJane GunnisApril 26th 1968Concrete kerb, spar filling. Book like stone
931Concrete kerb
932Concrete kerb
933Concrete kerb & cover
934JenkinsMargaretNov 18th 1899Tall slate
935ReesReesDec 19th 1864Short stone
ReesReesJuly 10th 1872
936JonesElizaJuly 24th 1861Tall shaped decorated stone
JonesEdith LauraJune 12th 1861
JonesCharles RichardAug 4th 1877
JonesElizabeth JaneAug 8th 1915
JonesLaura AnnSept 9th 1872
JonesEdith LauraJuly 15th 1874
937MorrisJohn LewisJune 23rd 1863Slate box tombPlumberDarkgate
MorrisMaryApril 12th 1865
MorrisWilliam LewisJan 26th 1869
MorrisDoraJuly 26th 1861Tall grey stone
MorganMaryJune 18th 1863
941MorgansDavid StephenM,arch 11th 1863Tall grey stone
JonesEmiah JaneJuly 29th 1871
JonesElizabeth AnnJune 5th 1886
942CMVery short stone
943EGVery short stone
944EJVery short stone
945RichardsEstherFeb 9th 1882Short slate decorated
RichardsJohn LloydJan 28th 1874
RichardsDavidAug 10th 1873
946EvansJohnDec 2nd 1863Short slate
EvansHenryDec 3rd 1863
EvansMaryDec 29th 1871
EvansDavidJune 15th 1873
947LlewellynElizabeth AnnApril 10th 1882 aged 20Tall white marbledomestic servantPark Hall Terrace
LlewellynGeorgeMarch 10th 1885 aged 21Tall white marbletin plate workerPark Hall Terrace
LlewellynJamesApril 16th 1889 aged 37 yearsTall white marbletin plate workerPark Hall Terrace
LlewellynHenryMay 11th 1893 aged 18Tall white MarbleCold Roller at tin worksPark Hall TerraceDROWNED
948ReesJaneSeptember 18th 1862 aged 28 Short grey stone lying flat on ground
ReesMargaretSeptember 12th 1862 aged 5 monthsShort stone lying on the ground
ReesEuginia & Sophia - twin daughtersdied in their infancy -no datesShort grey stone lying on the ground
949MartinEmma September 11th 1852 aged 11 monthssmall stone broken into four pieces. Found under soil.
MartinAndrewAugust 11th 1862 aged 40small broken stone found under soil
MartinMargaretOctober 31st 1874 aged 50small broken stone found under soil
950BevanBenjamindied aged 61damaged slatememorial found under soil on 01.05.2020
BevanJohnJune 29th 186? aged 18damaged slatememorial found under soil 02.06.2020
BevanMaryDecember 1st 1883 aged ?damaged slatememorial found under soil 02.06.2020
ClarkeRachelOctober 19th 1918 aged 82damaged slateLlanstephanmemorial found under soil. 02.06.2020
951JonesDavidFebruary 7th 1906 aged 83tall slate (damaged top)memorial found June 2020. Not on original survey of 1977
JonesElizabethMarch 14th 1898 aged 75tall slate (damaged top)memorial found June 2020. Not on original survey of 1977
JonesThomasFebruary 10th 1933 aged 38tall slate (damaged top)memorial found June 2020. Not on original survey of 1977
JonesMaryNovember 19th 1928 aged 77tall slate (damaged top)memorial found June 2020. Not on original survey of 1977
952EVANSDAVIDborn Sept 9th 1848. Died June 4th 1880HIPPED STONE MEMORIALBoat & Anchor. Priory StreetMEMORIAL FOUND UNDERGROUND JULY 2020
EvansSarahdied 10th Septemebr 1900 aged 63Hipped stone memorialBoat & Anchor. Priory Streetmemorial found below ground july 2020
DaviesHannahborn Jan 21st 1822. Died October 6th 1884Hipped Stone memorial Born at Gilfach Isaf, Llangeler, Llandysulmemorial found below ground july 2020
DaviesMargaretborn July 28th 1826. Died December 18th 1886Hipped stone Born at Gilfach Isaf Llangeler, Llandysulmemorial found underground july 2020
953HancockThomasDied April 30th 1875 aged 39broken stone memorialShaws LaneOnly top half of memorial found underground July 2020
HancockCharlottedied 1919 aged 83broken stone. Inscription missingShaws LaneBottom half of memorial missing. Details obtained from burial register
955CADWALLADERFREDdied March 26th 1863 aged 48stone headstone on north wallMaster Mariner
955CADWALLADERCATHERINEdied January 20th 1875stone headstone on North wall62 years old
957LewisWilliamdied September 14th 1891 aged 51Cattle DealerLammas Streetheadstone found under soil 07.01.21 minus top section with name
957LewisSophiadied December 25th 1892 aged 12daughterLammas Street
957LewisSophiadied October 5th aged 61 (year to be confirmed)Wife/MotherLammas Streetstone found 07.01.21 under soil. Top section missing and other damage