The Nicholas Family – Water Street, Carmarthen

Over the last three years the trustees of the Thomas & Elizabeth Mayhook Charity have strived to restore and repair as many damaged memorials as possible, and on occasion revealing what can only be described as stirring and emotional stories, in particular the death of a child or in the case of many families more than one child.

the engraved stone memorial finally reveals it’s past with the help of self raising flour

The charity recently undertook the repair and restoration of one such stone headstone that had fallen to the ground many years ago face down and it has only now been possible to reveal the inscription upon it. At present not much is known about the NICHOLAS family but I hope that in time a fuller picture may emerge about the tragic events that occurred. At least now, as in the case of many others they can rest in peace in the knowledge that they won’t be forgotten. The following is a transcript of the engraving.

In Memory of
Son of John & Hannah Nicholas, of Water St
in this Town
who died September 17th 1869,
aged 26 years.
Also Ann, daughter of the above, who died October 29 1871 aged 32 years

We left this world in blooming years
And all our friends in floods of tears
But over us do not lament
We were not yours but only lent
Weep not for us our Parents dear
We are not dead but sleeping here
Our end you know, our grave is this
Therefore prepare to follow us

Also the said John Nicholas who died
April 5 1874 aged 67 years

Also the said Hannah Nicholas who died
July 5 1895 aged 91 years

Not gone from memory, not gone from love
But gone to her fathers house

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