Another headstone found under the soil

On mowing and strimming the cemetery this week and whilst continuing the ground restoration another slate headstone has come to light. Unfortunately it has some serious damage but the inscription is almost perfect. Some of the information is missing but with research this can be found quite easily.

There are two BEVAN’S families mentioned in the 1977 survey of memorials for St David’s and this one is NOT one of them, so this will be the first time in almost 50 years that their names will have appeared on the register of memorials and their names added to the list of those with a known grave. Also RACHEL CLARKE will be added to the list of names who is also mentioned on the slate headstone. Whilst it is of great disappointment that we find these memorials in such a condition, the fact that they have been buried for almost a half a century comes as no surprise. Finding them is the main thing, as then we can at least bring back some dignity to their memory. The location of the headstone where found will also be recorded and added to the memorial map of the cemetery before it is removed for safety to the perimeter wall.

the slate headstone face down in the soil        
Benjamin Bevan and his family headstone
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