Database Information

Visitors to this website will see the sub heading of “Search Database” and on searching through it will find the names of over 1700 names of those recorded on the many memorials within St David’s Cemetery. This database has been produced by using the information provided by the survey carried out in 1977 before many of the memorials were removed to the perimeter walls of the cemetery. The database is however far from complete. With nearly 6,500 burials between 1841 and 2002 less than a third are recorded. The burial “plan” which was used by gravediggers and undertakers to locate the spot where individuals were buried has been lost. However, there are a number of additions to be included on the database in the near future. These have been discovered by the “rediscovery” of several memorials buried in the ground for over half a century and only recently restored.

thre grave of Anne Howe Evans (nee Gwynne) and family only recently discovered and not recorded on the survey

Also, the survey carried out in 1977 mostly concentrated on names and dates of death only and did not include profession or addresses. It is hoped in time to fill in these gaps as we know that professions and addresses form an important part of research of which nearly all are recorded on the memorials. Finally it is hoped that photographs of the memorials will be linked to the search facility in due course which will enable researchers to see the actual grave/memorial as well, and also to include the plan of the survey locating the actual burial spot of those families.  If any researcher has any queries then the “contact us” page can be used to send in any questions and I will do my utmost to help.

Richard Goodridge (Chairman)

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