Maintenance Continues

Dear Friends, you may wish to know that we have continued to mow the grass and strim those areas we cannot access with the  4 mowers on  a regular basis, and have been grateful for the offer of assistance from volunteers wishing to help. As you can imagine, during the last few months it has been almost impossible to expect and indeed ask anyone to come and help but now that we are emerging from many of the restrictions during lock down I will be sending out a questionnaire by e mail to those with access to a computer and by letter to those who don’t, to establish what type of assistance can be offered, such as mowing, strimming, litter picking, weeding etc. No one would be expected to do more than an hours work and there will always be a trustee on site to supervise etc. It’s also important I think to be able to draw up a type of “Rota” if at all possible which then gives us a plan to work from.

I hope to send out the questionnaire next week.  In the meantime do look at a new article I have included under the “Churchyard and Grounds” sub heading entitled “Grave Markers”. It’s only a short piece but very important to the history of the cemetery.

Best wishes

Richard Goodridge


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