Meeting of Trustees

On Wednesday 4th September the trustees met for their quarterly meeting at Park Lodge, Morfa Lane, Carmarthen. Such meetings are held usually every three months and serve to ensure the smooth running of the charity, which also gives everyone the opportunity to discuss anything from memorial repair to finance and anything else that is of concern. On this occasion Dr Huw Michael was unable to attend. Before the meeting commenced we met at the cemetery where Mr Jeffrey Moreau our website designer and photographer met us to take some photographs for this article and we are grateful to him in allowing us to publish these two photographs.

Trustees at St David’s Cemetery. From left to Right – Robert Goodridge (Treasurer) Professor Tony Curtis, Richard Goodridge (Chairman) Chris Dzioba, Mrs. Margaret Curtis.

It is the trustees intention at some point in the future to place on the website a map of the cemetery giving the exact location of individual burials which will allow researchers to pinpoint exactly the location of any particular individual, despite there being no headstone in situ. This is because in 1977 a survey was carried out before the removal of many of the headstones to the boundary wall which mapped out in some detail each of the memorials location. Whilst the documentation is not perfect or indeed complete it nevertheless provides us with important details which to the family historian are priceless. More details on this project will follow in due course. What is important perhaps to note is that many of the memorials give a lot more information than you may think including the death of a loved one in a foreign country such as Connecticut, the Red Sea, Australia, New York etc. mostly in the second half of the nineteenth century. Such information is invaluable to researchers and we also hope, with further funding to be able to have all the memorials photographed and appear on this website. So much to do and so little time !

Trustees at their meeting in Park Lodge.
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