Memorial Restoration comes to an end for the summer (nearly !)

After a very busy six months in restoring many of the memorials we are now approaching the grass cutting season with ” all hands on deck” for the rest of the summer in keeping the grass down by mowing and strimming as often as possible dependent on volunteers, restrictions allowing. You will find what we have been up to  by looking at the Memorial Restoration subheading. I hope you find it of interest. We do have one more memorial to restore which is one of the heaviest yet – probably a quarter of a ton, which presently lies in two halves inside a cast iron railing stone kerb. It is very ornate but as it has lead lettering many of the letters have disappeared, but that will not detract from the splendour of the memorial itself- once it has been rebuilt and restored in the near future.

Work on the  Cross of Souls memorial, commemorating nearly 5,000 of those interred here without any headstone or memorial will begin in the near future and will be ready for unveiling and consecration in June – all being well. I shall update you on that closer to the time. Happy Easter.


the massive marble memorial split in half, recently uncovered and soon to be restored
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