Restoration continues

The ongoing restoration of the cemetery continued again yesterday with the visit of volunteers from the Mackworth Club of local Freemasons who spent the whole morning working hard and were joined by three trustees and Mr David England- a regular helper and supporter. Luckily the rain kept off and we were able to repair two memorials, a third was also “uprighted” as it was leaning at a 45 degree angle, and a lot of ivy and overgrowth was removed from the surrounding wall. Also grading of the soil of a small section of the cemetery was also achieved with the help of Richard Holmes, who once again offered his services free of charge. The Mackworth Club has visited us on a number of occasions and the Thomas & Elizabeth Mayhook Charity would like to express their thanks and appreciation for their efforts.

All the volunteers enjoying their sausage and chips after a hard mornings work

David England also spent the whole morning cleaning away the overgrowth of holly and ivy from one of the “rarer” types of hipped stone memorial to the BRIGHT family, who were well known publicans in the town in the mid eighteenth century. All in  all the mornings work was well worth the effort and as the days are drawing in, everyone was pleased to have been provided with sausage and chips before they packed up and left. Finally we are likely to have to cut the grass ONCE MORE in the next week or two weather permitting as it just seems to keep on growing ! The headstone below was found under the soil about two years ago and placed for safety alongside the boundary wall close to where it was found. A further amount of work will be needed to complete the restoration but at least it has now been reunited for the first time in almost a hundred years.


the headstone before restoration
The headstone after re attaching it with two steel pins and special masonry cement.


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