Volunteers Return

Yesterday saw the return of Volunteers to St Davids Cemetery to continue the work of restoration and repair, which has been ongoing despite the pandemic. The “Mackworth Club” consisting of Freemasons from Carmarthen returned for the third time in two years to help in the clearing of debris, clean and tidy up eleven grave spaces, repair three damaged memorials and to save two important headstones from being buried in the ground – now resting alongside the wall of the church in safety. Volunteers started to arrive at 8am and it was not until 2pm that work finally came to an end. Refreshments were provided by the Chairman of the Charity in the form of mince pies, fruit cake and sponge, made it has to say by his 89 year old father Stan the day before. Needless to say there was no food left by the end of the tea break. The tea and coffee was made by the Chairman by the borrowing of an urn and two tea pots together with the folding table and the electricity provided by the petrol generator that is used mostly for restoring memorials!  Two Trustees were also present in continuing the construction of the Cross of Souls memorial by cementing into place the grave markers found discarded around the cemetery into the base of the memorial and the details of the unveiling and consecration – scheduled for the 21st June will be published in due course. Another of our volunteers Dave, also came along and once again mowed a large part of the cemetery before the petrol run out ! The weather was very good and it has to be said was a most enjoyable and productive day and our thanks go out to all those involved.

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