Restoration of some of the memorials (part one) “before and after”


In this feature, I have started to publish some photographs of some of the work we have done previously in restoring, cleaning and repairing the headstones, and memorials in St David’s Cemetery. They all feature a “before” (sometimes during) and an “after” photograph so that everyone can see the magnitude of the work involved. Sometimes the effort is quite easy and often the effort is gigantic, requiring hydraulic lifting equipment and also scaffolding and pulley systems. Sometimes the insertion of steel rods and pins, and also the use of a special resin to hold it all together is also needed. Details of the individual families have not been included but sometimes, some can be found in the “What’s in a Name” menu of the website giving much more details about their past etc. Many photographs have been taken over the last five years and over the coming months, many will be added to this section of the website. If you have any queries or questions please use the contact page and a response will follow asap.     Thank you for looking……..Richard Goodridge

The Sarah Harris obelisk lying on it’s side before lifting it into place

The completed restoration by Mr Mick Butler and John Mc Dermott
















Marble dislodged bases litter the cemetery with fallen crosses and moss covering the lead lettering.




the ornate marble cross minus its right arm found in another grave space
The completed restoration (including restoring the arm) and cleaning. The Plough Inn was a renowned public house in Lammas Street.















An example of the memorial cross having fallen off the pedestal base.
The completed repair and cleaning of the white marble cross. ( Note the restored obelisk of Sarah Harris in the background)










The massive headstone, originally  lying face down and separated from it’s base.


The completed restoration of the GEORGE family grave requiring hydraulic lifting equipment, steel pins and specialist resin compound to hold it all together.