Dear Friends I thought I would share with you this picture which I took this afternoon amidst glorious sunshine. All four mowers were in operation for nearly two hours. About one third of the cemetery was cut, the remainder having been done previously. I would think that even now, we shall return once more to give it it’s final “trim” and then at last we can put away the mowers until next spring ( after having them all serviced first )

In two weeks time we will see the return of a number of volunteers to complete the soil levelling using earth moving machinery and to restore a number of memorials that we were unable to complete this year due to the pandemic. So by this time next month I am hopeful that we will finally see the “home straight” in our six year long battle to restore St Davids Cemetery to a place of dignity as befits such an historic cemetery. A full write up of that “volunteers weekend” will appear on the website soon afterwards. Taking “selfies” is not my forte, but as usual I am extremely grateful to to all who came along today and if you didn’t know already, I am closest to the camera followed by Chris Dzioba (Trustee) David England ( Volunteer) & Robert Goodridge (Trustee).  Best wishes

Richard Goodridge (Chairman)

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