Ground Penetrating Radar and Topographical Survey carried out

On Monday 7th September, on what was a most dreary wet and windy day,  the cemetery was a hive of activity with the Chairman preparing for the restoration of an important historical grave at the end of the month involving the complete rebuilding, cleaning and re-naming of a stone kerb memorial which has remained in a dilapidated state for decades but soon to be seen again in all it’s glory and will once again become a fitting tribute to a remarkable man…more on this story will follow in a future update shortly.

Mr Mark Timbrell of South Wales Utility Mapping

What was particularly important however on Monday was the attendance of Mr Mark Timbrell of South Wales Utility Mapping who had undertaken to arrange and organise free of charge a Ground Radar Survey and a Topographical Survey of the cemetery which would be of immense benefit to the charity in the future. The results of the Radar Survey and the completion of the Topographical survey will be forwarded to the Trustees in the near future and mention must also be given to Shane from the world famous Swiss company Leica who also came down to carry out the radar survey using the most up to date computerised equipment in existence costing tens of thousands of pounds. To both of these gentlemen the Trustees are extremely grateful in offering their services without recompense. The importance of the survey’s cannot be underestimated as the CROSS OF SOULS  location and it’s foundation will depend on the results of this survey. I will keep you posted on developments.

Shane from LEICA (left) and Mark Timbrell with the latest radar equipment
One of the pieces of computer equipment used on the day
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