Progress continues to be made in the restoration of the cemetery and some additional features added to give it some colour in the summer/autumn and indeed winter months with the planting recently of this marvelous mature Sorbus Aucuparia Rowan Tree which will give splendid colour in the summer and autumn . It was imported from Holland and donated by Professor Medwin Hughes, Vice Chancellor of Trinity St David’s University, thereby cementing even further the Universities historic links with the cemetery.

Digging the hole ready for the planting of the tree
The planted tree






Also, 25 rose bushes are to be planted tomorrow with the extension of the present rose bed to bring it closer to the Cross of Souls memorial. This will provide a really wonderful display of colour in the summer months and further enhance this section of the cemetery for those visiting.

The  Unveiling and Consecration of the  Cross of Souls Memorial – Y GROES ENEIDIAU will now be delayed for a number of weeks due to the restrictions that have been in place and which are likely to continue for the next month at least. The construction of the memorial has also been delayed due to import delays. It is hoped that a new date can be arranged for sometime in JUNE THIS YEAR, and as soon as I have a firm date I will let you know.

We have been busy in preparing the base of the memorial by using some of the grave markers that have been found lying on the surface and scattered around the cemetery and these will be cemented into place once they have been positioned correctly thereby linking the past with the present and will be a focal point for all to visit. Alongside the memorial will be an information board on a pedestal giving details about why it has been constructed.

Some of the discarded grave markers being chosen for the base of the memorial
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